Born on February 21, 1969 Scot Mendelson has always stood out from the crowd with his ability to perform against his athletic competitors. His drive to be the best, continued throughout his adolescence and his young adulthood making him what he represents today…the worlds strongest bench presser with a record of 875 lbs. Scot’s athletic ability and strength was visible at a very young age. As a young child, he played baseball and football. Once adolescence kicked in, Scot became engrossed in wrestling. As a young adult he was involved in boxing and eventually body building; this was when he began to realize his true natural strength. Although many are amazed at the statistics that Scot has introduced to the world of Powerlifting, his strength is a gift that he has worked at perfecting since 1992. In 2000, Scot began powerlifting competitively and demonstrating his natural athleticism along with desire to be the strongest bench presser in the world.

Scot won his first world championship in 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada when he benched 664pounds. In 2001 Scot traveled to Cape Town, Africa to bench-press 738 pounds and became the first man to bench press over 700 pounds off United States soil. This was only the beginning for Scot as he focused on setting greater goals for himself as he has continued to break world records. Presently he holds records as the 2-time national and world championship bench presser, he has the heaviest raw bench (no equipment) in mankind at 713 pounds, he is only man ever to hold both titles simultaneously (raw and equipped), and he is the 2002 Arnold Classic champion. But, his most memorable record breaking bench was the 875 pound bench in Venice, California on July 7, 2003.

Besides Powerlifting, Scot’s other passion is his family made up of his wife Maricelle, daughters Jade (7) and Jasmine (11 months), and son Troy (3). Scot believes that without the love and support of his family he would not have been able to accomplish all that he has thus far. With the support of his family behind him, Scot expanded his genre yet again in 1999 when he and his wife opened up a personal training facility. F.I.T. Fitness Individualized Training is where Scot and Maricelle spend their days training clients in a one-on-one atmosphere. FIT offers a number of services, which include rehabilitation, powerlifting, weightlifting, sports training, boxing, kickboxing, and competitive fitness training. Recently, Scot has begun to share his powerlifting expertise with other lifters in the industry. He is now training some of the strongest men and women involved in the sport. In sharing his expertise, he has created a legacy for himself and the sport of powerlifting. Scot’s sister, Shawna Mendelson, is his greatest legacy as she has already plunged full throttle into powerlifting and broken some records of her own.

Scot Mendelson is a true man of strength, whether on or off the bench as he combines family, a business, and the passion to be the best bench presser the world has ever seen. This 6’1” 320 lb. man and father of three has surpassed anyone’s expectations in the world of powerlifting. He is a man that demonstrates dedication, drive, and discipline to stay on top of his game and always stay focused. The words Scot chooses to live by are “Discipline Equals Power.” These are the words spoken from the strongest bench presser on the planet and have assisted him in defining his success. Strong Arm Sports calls him the Iron Champion, so what remains to be seen from this Iron Champion…any more record breaking bench presses? I am sure that when Scot sits down on the bench again the entire powerlifting industry will applaud with greatness for the man whose natural strength made him the best in the world.